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Journal 194  - Rolling Stock


071-class: 073 was out-shopped in the 1987 “Tippex” livery on Friday 7 July 2017, where a photo-call was done with Supertrain-liveried 071 and battleship grey 077. The loco conducted a trial run to Sallins on 17 August 2017.

078 failed in Portlaoise on Thursday 27 July 2017 whilst working the 12:05 Limerick – Portlaoise wagon transfer. The train failed when crossing over from the Up (to Dublin) line to the Station Loop (on the from Dublin side). 232 (with the stock of the 13:00 Dublin Heuston – Cork) hauled the train out of the way into the loop. The following day, 088 hauled 078 to Inchicore.

The 071 body overhaul programme has left four locos in the 2007 black/silver freight livery: 072, 074, 075 and 086. All are in varying conditions, with 072 having a large patch on the front, 074 with no bodyside logo, 075 with parts from 141s fitted, and 086 having had some paint touch-up on the front.

201-class: 219 was released for traffic on Thursday 1 June 2017, having had a body overhaul. It was repainted in a variation of the Intercity fern green livery, having battleship grey bogies and running gear. It also has the Head End Power equipment removed from the buffer beams. 215 and 218 have also been treated and released in July 2017, which leaves 229 as the last to undergo body overhaul.

231 failed in Mallow on Tuesday 11 July 2017 with a defective CAWS unit. It was working the 08:00 Heuston – Cork service, having picked up a second man in Portlaoise. This service also suffered from a medical emergency at Limerick Junction.

Sanders are being fitted before the Leaf Fall season. The work is being conducted in two phases – the first being physical modifications to the locos and the second fitting and commissioning of the equipment. Out of the 20 operational locos (206, 207, 8208, 8209, 215-224, 226-229, 231-234), 11 were modified by the end of May 2017.

Stored 201’s continue to be moved around the works to allow for part donation towards the active fleet. 211 was noted in Fleet Casualty Repair in Inchicore Works being stripped in July 2017.

Inchicore: Vehicles noted at Inchicore in mid-July visit include 2603+2604 and LHB DART set 8103, which is currently stored there awaiting parts. 211 was noted being stripped of usable parts, whilst 2715 was inside for condition examination as part of the 2700 refurbishment.

As of mid-August, Diesel Two housed 221 (2-year exam) and 8208 (6 year exam). 083 was noted in the paint shop after body overhaul. The next loco in the body overhaul programme, 079, was seen in the Ramps shop. 223 was receiving an exam before entering service after body overhaul.



MKIV News: 4002 has been fitted with a new brake disc, made from steel. This is expected to have a longer life than the current discs in use.

On Tuesday 20 June 2017, 223 hauled MKIV set 4001 (with no loco on the rear) as the 10:40 Cork – Inchicore, following a failure in Cork the day before.

Komplete Group (based in Derby, UK) have won a contract for the design, supply and installation of replacement inter-vehicle jumper cables on the Mark 4 fleet. It covers the three main electrical cables on the vehicles, and is designed to be easier to maintain and split as required.



Class 2700: The refurbishment of the 2700 fleet was put out to pre-qualification on Sunday 9 July 2017. The tender specifies what is required:

Undertaking heavy maintenance activities on key systems (i.e. Bogies, Final Drives, Exhausts, Cooling System, Gangways, Couplers, Pneumatic Systems etc.);

Undertaking system integrity and refurbishment to existing sub-systems (i.e. Fire Suppression, Toilet Modules, Passenger Doors, Lighting, Glazing etc.);

Supply and installation of replacement components and assemblies (i.e. Passenger seating, flooring systems, underframe equipment cabinets, interior panels, luggage racks etc.);

Undertaking modification works (electrical, mechanical and body) to bring the refurbished fleet in line with the remainder of the IÉ fleets).

Overhaul of Traction and Generator engines;

Overhaul of Transmissions and/or Transmission replacement;


In addition, the tender gives additional work that is required from an engineering perspective;

Overhaul of Vacuum Toilets;

Installation of new Fire Suppression System;

Supply and installation of LED saloon lighting;

Supply and installation of Passenger Information System;

Supply and installation of CCTV system

There are two options that companies can reply to: off-site and on-site refurbishment. Where the work will be done depends on the winning response. Bids were to be placed before 9 August. Invitation to tender is expected in September and contract award in December.

Class 29000: A few vehicles have been noted in the original Commuter green/blue livery with the “new” double-delta logo. 29001, 29102+29202, 29310 (one side), and 29018 have been noted. 29001 has also retained the “Iarnród Éireann” lettering and logo on the white band.

Class 22000 ICR: 22005, 22037 and 22039 were noted with a black version of the “double delta” logo, and black lettering. Sets 22001-22006 and 22036-22039 are fitted with the necessary safety equipment for working into Northern Ireland. The normal tri-colour logo is not used for political reasons. By the end of August 2017 no other sets had been treated.

The programme to refit the fleet with the new skirting has been completed, as has the blue flip-down table project.



Train Radio Trials: Vehicles 8135 and 8602 have been fitted a new Global System for Mobile Communications – Rail (GSM-R) Cab Radio system. For a period of time these cabs were placed in the middle of a formation. However from Monday 12 June 2017 these could be used like any other cab, with calls being able to be made and received on the GSM-R system

Class 8100: The programme to fit rain strips on the fleet has been progressing well. 8102, 8105, 8109, 8111, 8119, 8128, 8133, 8137 and 8140 were noted by the end of August 2017. This leaves one set to be completed (8103).

8107 has lost its side advertising vinyls during a recent works visit. This has revealed the old “DART 25” logo that it carried under the vinyl. This is the only operational DART set to carry these old logos. It also has bodyside numbers at each end of the vehicles.

The remainder of this article appears in IRRS Journal number 194, published October 2017

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