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Dr A. J. O'Rourke & T. F. Wall


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Anonymous articles:        
Irish Rail Memories 1995 – 2013  J&K Video  96 minutes  
  Steam Train Journeys in Donegal: 1 Killybegs-Strabane 1945. 2 Derry-Letterkenny 1947  The Phoenix 36 pp 33-36 (includes logs of runs)  
The Latest Railcars on the County Donegal  The Phoenix 36 pp 17-19 (reprint from “Diesel Railway Traction” April 1950)  
Iarnrod Éireann Going Greener: Rail Transport Delivers Sustainability  Eolas  Issue No 24 June pp 62,63  
  Belmond Launches Irish ‘Grand Hibernia’  Today’s Railways UK  No 179 November p 29  



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