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Track Laying Track laying is proceeding with sections of rail now installed along Dominick St Lower, Dominick St Upper, Marlborough St, Hawkins St, College Green, Westmoreland St, Grafton St, Dawson St and O'Connell St.

Track Laying Process

·  Excavate the roadway to the correct depth (approximately 800mm – 1.3m depending on soil conditions)

·  Install Luas high and low voltage ducts which will carry the power and systems cables

·  Reconstruct the ground level with layers of sub-base material to ensure a solid base for the reinforced concrete track slab

·  A layer of steel mesh reinforcement is then placed on top of track slab base

·  Deliver the tracks to site and install. A straight piece of track is typically 18m in length

·  Pour concrete around the track system and reinforcement

·  Install surfacing around the rails (this may be temporary or permanent depending on the construction sequence)

·  Install footpath kerbs.

Marlborough Street To facilitate the Luas Cross City Main Works on Marlborough St between Cathal Brugha St / Sean MacDermott St and Talbot St, it was necessary to change traffic movements in the area. From the 28 October, Marlborough St became one-way southbound between Cathal Brugha St / Sean MacDermott St and Talbot St. Cathedral St between Marlborough St and Thomas Lane remained open to vehicular traffic. For a period of 3-4 months from 6 January 2016, Marlborough St will be closed to general road traffic between Parnell St and Cathal Brugha St / Sean MacDermott St with the exception of Findlater Place where local access will be maintained from Cathal Brugha St / Sean MacDermott St.

Dominick Street Lower and Upper The Luas Cross City Main Works contract covering Dominick St Upper and Dominick St Lower necessitated the restriction of traffic movements in the area. From 27 October, Dominick St Upper between the junctions of Mountjoy St and Dorset St/Bolton St was closed. In addition, from early November 2015, Dominick St Lower operated one-way southbound between the junctions of Dominick Lane and Parnell St.

Parnell Street Area The Luas Cross City Main Works required a number of alterations to traffic movements along Parnell St and its environs. From 11 January, Parnell St was made one way westbound from Marlborough St through to Dominick St Lower. As part of the associated diversions, Dominick St Lower was made one way northbound between its junctions with Parnell St and Dorset St. In addition, the left hand turn from Cavendish Row/Parnell Square East was prohibited. Local access will be maintained at all times.

Green Line Cherrywood Extension Friday 16 October 2015 marked the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Cherrywood Extension.


Alstom has completed the 300,000km overhaul of 26 Citadis 402 trams supplied in 2009 for the Green Line. This follows completion of the 600,000km overhaul of the original batch of Citadis 401 trams which are now based on the Red Line. The work undertaken at the Sandyford Depot included changing wheels and overhauling articulations, master controllers and heating and ventilation including cab air-conditioning. Alstom also modified pantograph connectors and upgraded static converters. The depot’s bogie overhaul area was upgraded with an improved wheel press, additional bogie stands and a revised layout to streamline the work.


In October it was reported that 155 drivers have been detected breaking the red light at the Luas crossing at Blackhall Place. An automated red light camera was introduced at the junction in June. Fourteen collisions occurred between vehicles and Luas trams during 2015.


On 25 November Transport Infrastructure Ireland placed an order valued at €36.5m with Alstom Transport for the supply of seven new “Citadis 502” trams. The new trams will be nearly identical to the existing 43m long Citadis 402s currently operating on the Green Line but will have an additional motor-bogie module (MIC3 below) and suspended module (CC3 below) in the configuration and consequently will be 54.6m long and cater for 60 additional passengers per tram, giving a total capacity of 369. The vehicle therefore will consist of 9 modules: 4 motorised, 1 trailer car and 4 suspended units. There will be 20 doors: eight double-leaf doors on each side plus two single leaf on each side.


The performance of the 502, in all respects, will be equivalent to that of the Citadis 402s. The differences between the 502s and 402s have been kept to a minimum and primarily are as follows:

 The CCTV and rear-view camera systems will utilise cameras, monitors and recorders which are currently available i.e. with higher capacities / resolutions than previously available equivalents

Internal cable standards (which must now be to EN standards not national standards)

The Event Recorder (which will have a higher recording capacity)

The inclusion of additional grab-rails.

While the platform lengths on Luas Cross City are designed to accommodate the longer trams, the Green Line platforms between St. Stephen’s Green and Sandyford will be lengthened. The first Citadis 502 is due to be delivered in October 2017.  


Service Disruption

Sunday 4 October Red Line services between Tallaght and Red Cow were suspended for a period during the afternoon due to a car parked on the track. Services resumed following the arrival of a tow truck.

Friday 9 October A woman was struck by a Luas tram at the junction of Abbey St and Capel St in Dublin at 11:37. She was taken to hospital.

Friday 23 October A collision between a car and a Luas shortly after 22:00 on Suir Road in Inchicore resulted in 12 people – ten men and two women, all aged between late teens to mid-30s, requiring medical assistance. They were taken to St. James’ and Tallaght Hospitals. None were seriously injured.

Thursday 29 October Red Line services between Heuston and Blackhorse were disrupted due to a substantial bonfire at Basin St Flats, next to the St James’ Hospital morgue. Three units of Dublin Fire Brigade attended the scene.

Tuesday 17 November Red Line services between Abbey and Connolly/The Point were halted at lunchtime following a traffic accident close to Busáras. A car had crossed a traffic Island and stopped on the Luas line.

Wednesday 25 November Red Line services between Smithfield and the Point were affected after a male pedestrian was hit by an inbound tram near the Irish Life Mall between the Abbey and Busáras stops at around 16:50. The man was taken to hospital. Normal services resumed at 17:30.

Wednesday 9 December Slight delays were experienced on the Red Line shortly before 16:00 when a passenger was taken ill on board a tram. Inbound Red Line services were also delayed on Thursday 17 December due to an ill passenger who required assistance from the emergency services.

Wednesday 6 January One person was hospitalised after a collision between car and a Luas tram on Benburb St at around 17:00, close to the Aisling Hotel. The crash caused long delays on the Red Line with services only running from Blackhorse to Tallaght/Saggart.

Friday 22 January Red Line services were disrupted for a time shortly after 07:30 when a car collided with a southbound tram.

Saturday 23 January O’Connell St was closed in both directions between 15:00 and 16:30 due to a protest march. Red Line services between Smithfield and Connolly/The Point were suspended for the duration of the closure.

Monday 1 February Services on the Red Line between Belgard and Saggart were stopped during the afternoon following a signal failure. Services were restored shortly before 16:00.

The remainder of this article appears in IRRS Journal number 189, published February 2016


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