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141/181-Class During March, 141/181-class locomotives were withdrawn from departmental services and were worked back to Inchicore as they were due maintenance examinations. On Wednesday 3 March, 162+146 worked light engine 08:10 Limerick-Inchicore. This was the last mainline run of 162/146. On Thursday 18 March, 144 + 8402/8202 worked a Fairview-Inchicore DART transfer. This was the last mainline run of 144.

The class was withdrawn from service “until further notice” at the end of March. However, several remained in pilot use within the confines of Inchicore Works.

Panel trains, based in Ennis, were worked by 147 until the end of March, when 147 was shut down. On Friday 9 April, 077 hauled 147 dead 22:00 Ennis-Limerick and, on Thursday 15 April, 074 hauled 147 Limerick-Inchicore, passing Sallins at 10:30. This was the last mainline run of 147 and was the last of the 141-class to return to Inchicore.

On Friday 7 May, 171 returned light engine to Connolly depot from Inchicore after modification to its brake equipment. It is confined to pilot and transfer duties.

071-Class Fitting of Teloc event recorders continues in Inchicore with work taking place on 087 during May. Work on the final locomotive of the class to be fitted, 085, will commence in June.

201-Class In March, 217 was re-instated to service from storage and was initially used on the staff taxi duty between Inchicore and Heuston following withdrawal of the 141/181-class. 218 was restored to service to work taxi duties. The active fleet is twenty locomotives.

Parts In January, IÉ advertised for disposal of surplus unused parts for EMD (GM) locomotives, including engine parts for 645E3C (071-class) and 710 (201-class) series. Bogie and body parts were also available.



22000-Class ICRs The class has been cleared to operate Ennis-Athenry (3-car) and Limerick Junction-Waterford (3-car).

3-car set 22001 was transferred from Laois Traincare Depot to Heuston Valeting Plant for modification work on Friday 12 February.

2700-Class During major overhauls in Inchicore, end gangways have been removed from 2700-class railcars. The first set completed was 2-car 2717/18 in April, followed by single car 2751. In recent years these gangway doors usually remained locked out-of-use. Sets have also been re-painted in a new livery based on the ICR livery. The entire class remains based in Limerick.

29000-Class Set 29026 returned to service after repairs following its November derailment at Wicklow (See Journal 171) on Tuesday 16 March. It worked the 07:05 Dublin Connolly-Drogheda.

Set 29005 returned to service on Wednesday 24 March following repairs after a smoking bogie incident at Laytown on 8 March. It worked the 06:45 Drogheda-Dublin Pearse along with set 29013.

The remainder of this article appears in IRRS Journal number 172, published June  2010.

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