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001-Class No. 015, the former A15R, which has lain derelict in Inchicore Works, was removed to the West Clare Railway in July.

121-Class The two remaining members of the class, 124 and 134, remain stored in Inchicore. 124 was withdrawn on 8 July.

141/181-Class Workload for the class continues to decrease as more 201 and 071-class locomotives are displaced by new 22000-class railcars. Duties are now generally confined to Departmental trains, pilot duties, Kilmastulla-Mungert (Limerick) shale trains and the Fridays Only Limerick-Ennis portion of the 17:05 Dublin-Ennis and 20:20 Ennis-Limerick.

On Tuesday 12 August, sixteen out of seventeen serviceable small GMs were out and about: 141 on a ballast train on the Western Rail Corridor. 162+171 were in Birdhill with 1 laden track panel wagon at 11:25. They arrived in Limerick at 13:30 light engine and at 15:17 they passed through Limerick Junction direct curve with an empty LWR train heading for Portlaoise. 142, 144, 185 and 175+187 were at Limerick depot at 11:55. 146 arrived in Limerick at 13:55 with 1 laden wheel-carrier wagon from Inchicore Works. 152 was stabled in the sidings at Limerick Junction at 15:40 with an empty track panel train. 147 and 177 were on pilot duties at Heuston, while 163 was the Connolly pilot. 167, 173, 190 and 192 were at Inchicore Works at 09:05 on pilot duties and driver training duties.

Locomotives are generally now withdrawn when anything other than a minor defect occurs. Recent scrappings include:


   19 Aug 08


   06 Aug 08


   13 Aug 08


   08 Aug 08


   25 Aug 08


   20 Aug 08


   29 Jul 08

Others are being stripped of useable parts in preparation for scrapping. This included 192 at the end of August.

071-class Following completion of its overhaul at Inchicore, 079 re-entered service on Friday 27 June when it worked the 17:10 Dublin-Athlone. By this time the engine had been removed from 088 for its overhaul. Next for overhaul was 083.

The remainder of this article appears in IRRS Journal number 167, published October 2008.

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