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Mk III Mk III sets continue to work Dublin-Cork services to allow Mk IV sets undergo maintenance and where required following failures. They also feature on Cork-Mallow-Tralee services due to poor availability of the railcar fleet.

Mk IId With the introduction of the 22000-class railcars, the last scheduled Mk IId passenger working on the Sligo line took place on Sunday 23 December. The 08:55 Sligo-Connolly was formed by 081 + 6 Mk IId + EGV.

Disposal of the remainder of the Mk IId fleet has been authorised and scrapping commenced in January. It is understood that 2 3 sets will be maintained until March pending introduction of more 22000-class.

Mk IV (CAF) A programme of fitting new wheels to replace worn ones was well in hand during the autumn, with one set generally out of service at a time. Set formations were changed

and several sets now have vehicles out of numerical sequence. Occasionally it has been necessary to reduce set size from 8 to 7. Notwithstanding this the Mk IV fleet continues to be very reliable in service.

De Dietrich De Dietrich rolling stock has now been cleared to operate into all platforms in Connolly.

The remainder of this article appears in IRRS Journal number 165, published February 2008.

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