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Giants Causeway Tramway

The Spring of 1946 found the tramway company involved in maintenance of its hydro-electric power station at Walkmillls. The generator was given a complete overhaul and the centre of the dam on the River Bush was repaired, the latter job requiring 1,000 bags of concrete. Services operated normally until the end of 1947, when, for the first time since 1940, winter services were not operated, the tramway being shut from 27th December until the Monday before Easter 1948. After operating over the Easter holiday period services were suspended again from 1st April until the start of the summer service on 1st May. By this time parts of the permanent way were in a poor state of repair, but as heavier rail for relaying was not available at that time, repairs were effected on a 'mend and make do' basis. By the end of the 1948 summer season on 30th September matters were considerably worse. The company engineer's report showed that virtually all the track needed attention and that the 'Jubilee Bridge', a three-span bridge over the River Bush, was rapidly approaching a state in which it would no longer be safe for traffic. Before the start of services for the 1949 summer season work was undertaken to bring the line up to a fit state of repair. However, traffic continued to decline, receipts falling from 4,677 in 1948 to 3,816 in 1949. Overtures were made to the newly formed UTA to see if the Authority would be interested in acquiring the tramway. The Authority declined and the decision was taken to wind up the company. The company's assets were sold at a number of auctions during 1951 and 1952, but legal formalities dragged on until the final meeting of creditors on 2nd September, 1958. Nobody attended the meeting.

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