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Dundalk Newry & Greenore Railway

By the beginning of 1946, the DN&GR was losing in the region of 35,000 per annum and this continued to rise for the remainder of the company's life. In the meantime the London Midland & Scottish Railway in Britain, which owned all the DN&GR's issued capital, was nationalised and its assets passed to the British Transport Commission on 1st January, 1948. In June 1950 the Commission advised the DN&GR company that the its funding of the latter would cease at the end of the year. The DN&GR accordingly advised the Dublin Government that all rail and other services would cease on 31st December, 1950, unless alternative arrangements were put in place. A suggestion from the BTC that the line be purchased by the two Irish governments, who were at that time considering the joint purchase of the GNR(I), led to arrangements for the line's closure being held in abeyance. However this proposal came to nought and all services ceased on 31st December, 1951. It took almost a further six years for the affairs of the company to be finally wound-up. The Board of the DN&GR met for the last time on 26th July, 1957 at Euston station, London and five days later the Bill for the dissolution of the company received Royal Assent.

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