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The Irish Railway Record Socety has produced these publications.


LUAS - Dublin's Light Rail System

This special commemorative booklet entitled "LUAS - Dublin's Light Railway System" has been compiled by Stephen Hirsch on behalf of the Society. It has been published by the Society with the co-operation of the Railway Procurement Agency.  

On your behalf, we have conveyed the Society's appreciation for their assistance to the Railway Procurement Agency and congratulate them on the great success LUAS has become and the acclaim that it has earned from the public. 

This publication will serve as the record of how LUAS was conceived, constructed and commissioned. 





Steaming in Three Centuries

Published in February 2006, our latest book by Irwin Pryce and Leslie McAllister, Irish Railway Record Society London Area. 192pp, illustrations and line drawings, plus a colour section of 32 photos, in softback.


This latest book on Irish Railways brings the story of the famous 0-6-0 J15 or 101 class locomotives of the GSWR from 1866 into our own times with an account of preservation and restoration by the RPSI of the two remaining locomotives Nos. 186 and 184. The best photo-text book on Irish Railways yet to appear.  




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