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12th April 2018 “Architecture of the Great Northern Railway Ireland” Siobhan Osgood 
26th April 2018 “The End of an Era – the Changing World of the ‘60s. The Final Days of UTA Steam and Railcars”  Derek Young
19th May 2018
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Friday 20th and Saturday 21st July 2018 Two-day Outing to County Donegal Narrow gaugw Railways 
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LOCOMOTIVES 071-class: 082 was released from the paint shop in mid-April in the current “battleship grey” livery. It retains the “The Institution of Engineers of Ireland” nameplates, despite the organisation changing its name to “Engineers Ireland” a number of years ago.
Observed on Cork line workings between March and May were: 206, 207, 8209, 216, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 229 and 232. 221 failed at Sallins on Wednesday 8 February 2017 whilst working a MkIV (4008) trial run. 077 hauled the formation back to Inchicore. By the end of May, 8208 and 215 were receiving 6-year overhauls in Diesel 2. Noted in the Ramps were 225 (body overhaul) and 083. 225 is a long-time stored member of the class (being stored after a fatal accident in Roscommon whilst working an IWT liner in August 2009). In the paint shop were 221 (after body overhaul) and 073, painted in 1987 Irish Rail “white stripe” livery, but had yet to be finished. 079 received new bogies in Diesel 1.   Read More

COACHING STOCK MkIV News: Standard Open 4101 has been freshly repainted, along with Standard Open (End) 4105. On Friday 10 February 2017, 087 was observed hauling MkIV set 4002 to Inchicore, with loco 215 on the rear. This set was on trial to Ballybrophy and later worked the Dublin Heuston-Cork. Set 4005 failed in Mallow on Monday 10 April 2017 whilst working the 10:20 Cork – Dublin Heuston. It was brought to Cork for attention, and then was hauled by 224 to Inchicore the following day. Released back into traffic on Tuesday 11 April on the 19:00 Dublin Heuston – Cork, it failed on Wednesday 12 April 2017, and was hauled back to Inchicore by 232. Set 4003 failed in Cork on Thursday 4 May 2017 with parking brake faults. It was hauled the following day by 234 to Limerick Junction, where 074 was added to the front and hauled the entire consist to Inchicore. Set 4005 was in trouble once again, hauled back to Inchicore on Thursday 18 May 2017 by 220, with 229 dead in tow at the rear. The MkIV set had failed that morning with issues, whilst 229 was declared a failure the previous evening whilst working the 19.00 Dublin Heuston – Cork service. Read More

RAILCARS Class 2600: 2616+2605 were observed in Dublin Heuston station on Wednesday 10 May 2017.
Class 2700
: Units continue to be started up and moved around Inchicore Works, with 2724 being noted as moving around. Plans for the re-introduction of the 2700’s to passenger service are still being proposed. 2715 is being assessed in Inchicore as to the work required to return them to traffic.
Class 2800: 2801+2802 worked the 14:00 Limerick – Inchicore empty movement on Monday 8 May 2017 for wheel turning.
Class 29000: 29016 was released into traffic in March. It has gained unlockable covers at the end of the door pockets, presumably to allow easier access to the mechanisms. 29024 transferred to Inchicore on Wednesday 10 May 2017.
Class 22000 ICR: The new front as described in Journal 188 continue to be fitted. Since Journal 192, the following vehicles have been fitted: 22137, 22138, 22140, 22203, 22204, 22206, 22207, 22214, 22221, 22223, 22224, 22229, 22241, 22243, 22246, 22251, 22255, 22257, 22261, 22262, 22306, 22311, 22314, 22320, 22321, 22322, 22324, 22329, 22334, 22336, 22338, 22340, 22341, 22343, 22344, 22347, 22349, 22355, 22360. This leaves 25 vehicles yet to be fitted. The bottom bars, as referred to in Journal 192, are being removed as they become damaged and will remain removed.
Read More

Passenger Operations.
e full, and it left about 12:50. It was possibly the greatest number ever to join special services at Dalkey. It did however show the difficulty in boarding a very large number of passengers at a station such as Dalkey, where the Up platform is in parts quite narrow, and the platform access routes are also constricted. Freight Operations IWT Container Trains  A proposed 24-wagon trial at the end of April was cancelled due to driver issues. The current IWT schedule is for a daily (Monday – Saturday) 09:35 North Wall – Ballina, 10:05 Ballina – North Wall on Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:40 Ballina – North Wall on Tuesdays and 08.15 Ballina – North Wall on Thursdays and Fridays. Additional liners can be run on Tuesdays (15.20 North Wall – Ballina) and Wednesdays (08.15 Ballina – North Wall). These are all subject to customer requirements. Read More

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