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Reilly’s The new bridge OBS5D to replace Reilly's Crossing (XG02, 2 miles 135 yards from Broadstone), carrying the Ratoath Rd over the Dublin-Sligo line, opened to road traffic on 24 February (see Journal 185 for bridge details). The level crossing was permanently closed on 27 March. Signals CL101 and CL102 remained designated as controlled signals, but with interlocking to the gates removed.
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Dublin-Cork Ballast cleaning the Hazelhatch-Portlaoise section of the Dublin-Cork line has been taking place on selected weekends from 23:00 on Friday nights and all day Saturdays. A two-hourly frequency Dublin-Cork/Limerick each way service operated along with service curtailments on other routes. Dublin-Galway operated every two hours in each direction resulting in 7 services each way between Galway and Dublin instead of 9. Westport trains connected to and from Galway trains at Athlone, with no change of frequency. Waterford-Dublin operated with bus transfers between Athy and Dublin in both directions. An amended Hazelhatch-Dublin commuter service operated.
Ballybrophy On 29 March the locomotive release loop and associated signalling in the Nenagh bay platform were permanently taken out of use. They had been out of use for some time. Work included removal of Ballybrophy East and West ground frames. Ballybrophy North Ground Frame controlled signal NGF1 that was co-sited with signal BY491 was moved 19m closer to Roscrea and re-positioned on the left hand side of the line. The friction buffer on the bay platform line was moved 8m closer to Roscrea reducing the platform length to 95m. Locomotive run-around facilities are no longer available on the bay platform but are still possible using the Down loop off the main Dublin-Cork line. Read More

22000-Class ICR 
Set Formations The class remains a mixture of 3-car, 4-car and 5-car sets as per Journal 185. Vehicle 22534, which has been out of service since January 2014, returned to passenger service on Friday 27 February, making 22014 into a 4-car set.
Front Ends The autocoupler hatch mechanism and the front GRP panelling are being removed and replaced with aluminium panelling. The hatch mechanism is not being replaced and the autocoupler will be exposed in the same manner as all other type of railcars.

201-Class 206 was released to traffic in February in the updated Enterprise livery. On Sunday 22 February it was observed in Connolly. On Monday 23 February it worked light engine Inchicore-Kildare to take over the 11:30 Waterford-Ballina empty timber. On Wednesday 25 February, it worked the 11:40 Ballina-Dublin North Wall IWT liner. Related to the Enterprise fleet refurbishment (see below) the dedicated fleet of locomotives are to receive new “secondary cab consoles” in each cab. The console is a new panel located centrally between the two driver seats and it contains a screen for the new train management system. It also contains the TPWS, Driver Reminder Appliance (DRA), IÉ and NIR train radios. All this equipment is only operable from the driver’s seat on the left hand side. A second AWS “sunflower” will be fitted for the driver when driving from the right hand seat. The left hand seat in cab 1 has been replaced with a pneumatically controlled seat as already fitted to various other IÉ and NIR fleets. Read More

Mk IV Rostered Sets A further Mk IV set was returned to service on 16 February. There are now five sets in daily service. The basic principle is to have every second Cork train a Mk IV i.e. the ones with a Kerry connection. The 10:00 Dublin-Cork and 13:20 return are the only remaining weekday links booked for a 3-car ICR, and this excludes Fridays and Saturdays. A number of Mk IV sets are 7-car sets instead of the normal 8-car sets.  

Trials In February clearance trials commenced with a view to clearing the Dublin-Belfast line for Mk IVs. Clearance included checking door step heights and clearances against each platform face. On Wednesday 18 February, after working the 16:20 Cork-Dublin, 223 + set 4001 was used to gauge the platforms at Drumcondra and in Connolly Station. On Sunday 22 February Connolly-Malahide was gauged after the passage of the last scheduled train. On Wednesday 25 February 219 + 8-car set 4006 was used to clear Docklands Station. It operated 21:10 Heuston-Connolly-Pearse Down Loop and then to Docklands station via Newcomen, returning to Connolly and Heuston. The train was longer than the platforms in Docklands. Next was clearing all stations between Donabate and Drogheda on Sunday 1 March, scheduled to depart Connolly at 21:40. Read More

Timetable Alterations A new non-stop 06:15 Monday-Friday Cork-Dublin express was launched on Monday 25 May. The service was advertised to take 2 hours 15 minutes (arr. 08:30) in the public timetable but 2 hours 12 minutes in the Weekly Circular (arr. 08:27) and is formed by a 3-car standard-class only ICR. To accommodate this service, which IÉ said followed customer research into the key business traveller market, minor alterations were made to many other Dublin bound services. The 06:00 Cork-Dublin was advanced to 05:55 to arrive in Heuston at 08:20. Read More

  Dargan Viaduct Translink has advertised for consultancy services for design checking for the double tracking of the Dargan Viaduct. The notice read “The current Dargan Viaduct was constructed 1994 to connect the Larne line with the rest of the network. The structure largely comprises single track between Yorkgate Station and Lagan Junction with the exception of a single passing loop at Donegall Quay. The passing loop was designed for 20m long carriages (rather than current 23m) and is too short for a modern 6 car set configuration. Combined with its proximity to Yorkgate Station is of limited operational benefit.
Links and Timetable In early May one of the two remaining De Dietrich sets in traffic was reduced in size by the removal of First Class carriage 9104. The set was observed on the 08:00 Belfast-Dublin link.
From 25 May the second of the three De Dietrich sets was withdrawn from service for refurbishment, with a CAWS fitted C3K taking over the 06:50 Belfast-Dublin, 09:35 Dublin-Belfast, 12:35 Belfast-Dublin, 15:20 Dublin-Belfast, 18:05 Belfast-Dublin and 20:50 Dublin-Belfast link. The roster is for a 3-car C3K set on Monday and Tuesdays and on the 06:50 and 09:35 on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, with all other services Monday-Sunday being worked by 2 x 3-car C3Ks. For example 3003 + 3004 worked the 12:35 Belfast-Dublin and 15:20 Dublin-Belfast on Friday 29 May. A trolley catering service was provided, but no First Class.
Line Closures The line between Coleraine and Londonderry was closed over the weekends of 25/26 April and 2/3 May for culvert renewal work MP731/4-731/2 near Bellarena and MP861/4-863/4 near City of Derry Airport. A temporary timetable applied but still provided an hourly service Belfast-Coleraine-Portrush. Two bus substitution services operated; Coleraine-Derry/Londonderry (direct) and Coleraine-Bellarena serving Castlerock. Read More

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